Smartverify is a patent-pending product verification program that uses QR verification to help customers ensure that they are buying an actual genuine product off the shelf. Stop counterfeiting in an instant with Smartverify!

About us

We have developed this efficient product verification app to help consumers take a stand against counterfeit products. We believe that every consumer has the right to purchase genuine, top quality products with their hard-earned money. Smartverify empowers consumers and helps them find true quality as they shop. Our dedicated team will continue to improve Smartverify to the best way we can and take product verification a step further with our anti-counterfeiting technologies.

A sense of trust

Consumers choose products according to a lot of things. They want products that they could trust, something that will make them feel good and confident about their purchase. With our new QR verification system, you can develop a keen sense of trust in your products and allow your customers to find great value for every dollar that they spend. And of course a sense of trust goes a long, long way in any business!

Easy to use

Smartverify is so easy to use anyone can use it right away. Smartverify is product verification in a snap and this makes cataloging and warehousing easier and more efficient too.

How it works

Smartverify is a simple and secure way to verify purchases using a smartphone. Every product has a unique QR code linked to it and all you need to do is to scan this code using your smart phone. Smartverify’s unique patent-pending system will be able to check the QR code and make sure that all the details correspond to the actual product that you have on your catalog.

Simply place the QR code inside the packaging of your products and then scan the codes with Smartverify. Your products are now ready to be sold and customers may now place their orders.

Simple to implement

Smartverify may be used right away. There are no special or additional equipment to use. You may use any printer to print out QR codes for your products. You do not need to overhaul your entire product catalog, OEM billing system or labelling system too. Simply print out a code and insert these inside the packaging. Smartverify’s customer support team is also ready to help you with implementing the Smartverify system and will answer any questions about its use.

Smartverify Guarantee

Our product will change the way you market your products. It will also boost customer trust on your products and give you a head start over your competitors. Develop a sense of trust and take marketing and cataloging to a whole new level with a smarter anti-counterfeiting solution.

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